I first dressed her in a jason wu/dynamite girls top with basic toralei’s leggings, which fit her fine. since she’s thicker, the length is shorter on her but they still look good. i like a casual look on her contrasted by her crown headband.

then I dressed her in a bratz (I think?) dress I had laying around with scaris clawdeen’s shrug. it’s a little loose in the torso but its still believable.

next I put her in a bratzillaz dress, which again is a little big in the torso but overall fits fine.

lastly, I put her back in the jason wu top and bratz jacket with a monster high skirt I bought on etsy.

overall I realized that she becomes much more appealing to me when she gains a little bit of edge. sweet looking girls don’t last long in my doll collection.

I’ll post raven and maddie tomorrow!

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    when i first saw the ever after high dolls i was really unimpressed but these outfits are cute as hell on her